Female privilege is not being expected to get a professional career and take on all the challenges thereof and instead stay home and eat Yoplait (pink flavors because no one judges you for liking pink)

This one is so obvious that I’m just going to leave it here and let all of you rage out. As for the thing about yogurt, the video below explains much better than I ever could how yogurt companies appeal to women. As sexism goes, it’s not too terrible (I mean hey, yogurt IS fantastic, and okay, women need to make sure they get enough calcium because we’re more prone to having brittle bones) but Sarah Haskins makes the explanation a pretty enjoyable time. You could all use the lols!

But seriously, it is not a “privilege” that women are not expected to have professional careers. This type of thinking only serves to propagate myths about women being useless, stupid, or lazy gold-diggers. Most women like to feel fulfilled in all aspects of life just like men do, and having a successful career is one way to accomplish this. Just because you’re a woman, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything you’ve worked for when you settle down in order to raise a family. Many modern, progressive couples choose to share household tasks and child rearing responsibilities. If you want to be a full-time mother, that’s okay too! But many women don’t, and shouldn’t be expected to stay at home just because it’s the traditional way to go about things.

Additionally, it’s questionable in the first place to say women aren’t expected to have professional careers. It’s not like our fathers scrape together a dowry of six cattle, a hundred acres, and our hand in marriage for the best sharpshooter in the village these days. We have to pay our bills too, and most of us would prefer not to have our financial welfare hinge on a romantic relationship that may or may not work out.