Female privilege is having hundreds of love songs written about you. 

There are hundreds of love songs written about men, too! Unfortunately, not many of them will be heard by men. Studies have shown that male listeners are less likely to listen to music featuring a female vocalist than a male vocalist, whereas female listeners will listen to vocalists of either sex (although in younger age groups, both girls and boys prefer vocalists of their own sex). Pop music in particular is what most studies focus on, and predominantly in European or North American countries.

This kind of ties into the previous discussion about male and female role models in movies [CLICK HERE TO READ], but it also brings to mind some very important ideas about unwanted sexual attention and affection.

A lot of pop music written about women is not necessarily about love, but lust. Women’s bodies are often talked about like they are objects rather than human beings; a thing to be wanted, collected, taken, and used. This trend is even easier to see when one conducts a content analysis of gender portrayal in music videos.

I saw the full version of this documentary, “Dreamworlds 3: Desire, Sex, & Power in Music Video” when I was a freshman in college, and I’ve always found it useful to show other people who may need convincing of the power struggle we see between men and women in the music industry. Have a look at the trailer, and look around for it online! I think it’s chopped up in parts on YouTube. I definitely encourage you to find it and watch it - and show it to anyone else who might be interested.