Female privilege is the ability to use tears and erotic persuasion as a means to get your way

Again, this is not a “privilege” that women have, but a cheap trick used by very few women that has consequences for all of us.

First of all, there have been studies which have confirmed that female tears may not actually affect a man’s empathy in one way or another. Additionally, it is irresponsible to “cry wolf” and use tears strictly to get out of trouble or to get one’s way, because this lessens the credibility of those who cry out of actual emotional discontent. 

Secondly, using erotic persuasion as a means to get one’s way may propagate rape myths in the same way that a lot of mainstream pornography can. Rape myths include harmful beliefs and attitudes toward women in particular, such as the belief that women enjoy sexual violence, the belief that women are always aroused and looking to be relieved of this arousal, the belief that rape victims were “asking for it,” and many others. Similar to pornography’s effect on the increasing acceptance of rape myths in male populations, when real women trade sexual attention “to get [their] way” or for any other favor, men who see this may begin to believe that women in general will trade sex for anything. This belief can often lead to resentment and the loss of respect for women on the whole.

So don’t do this to get your way. It is not a “privilege” we have, because it comes at a dangerous cost for all. I’ve sort of written a rebuttal like this one before in [THIS] post, but this time I decided to talk more about rape myths.

[For kicks, I would like to point you all in the direction of a Cosmopolitan article that I found to be incredibly stupid. It’s titled - and I quote - “Researchers Have Discovered a Major Boner Shrinker.” As you can see from the article, the important thing that Cosmo took away from this scientific research is that you shouldn’t cry in front of a man, or he might not want to have sex with you. UH OH! Never mind that if you’re crying, you probably aren’t in the mood to have sex anyway. Cosmo has, shockingly, not yet commented on whether pairing tears with erotic persuasion has any affect on men’s empathy, purse strings, or anything else - but we’re all just dying to hear what Cosmo has to say about that.]



Female privilege is being able to criticize the opposite gender without being called a bigot.

On a day to day basis, it’s fair to say that men and women pick on each other a lot. “Women can’t drive!” “Women suck at spatial reasoning!” “Men are slobs!” “Men can’t handle anything without asking women too many questions!” It’s probably safe to say not many of us are calling each other bigots over these smaller tiffs.

However, when women recognize and point out the still-existing inequalities between the sexes, we can pretty much be prepared to be called a feminiazi or something like it at some point. Running this blog, I’ve already been called that once, among other things. Anecdotal evidence, it’s true, but it’s in line with a lot of other activity seen in society.

For example, in the wake of the recent Tosh/rape joke scandal, the largely female outcry over the trivialization of rape was met with an extremely strong negative reaction from predominantly males who said we were just butthurt, over-reacting, over-emotional, typical idiot feminists. That’s right. When we got upset over an issue as grave as rape, we were called idiots.

We are called man-haters. Sluts. We are told we have a “victim complex.” And the majority of people let this language pass without question, but when we fight back against this kind of bigotry, we can expect to face more name-calling. To say we are not called bigots in return is just denial. This is problematic because we are upset over very real, empirically-measurable inequalities, and there is nothing trivial or bigoted about that.

To compare this issue to something slightly less difficult to illustrate, it’s similar to when people say things like, “Well, YOU’RE the bigot because you won’t let me wear a Straight Pride shirt or celebrate White Power!”